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“Breaking your echo chamber and starting a conversation”

Weekly talk show between two regular guys just trying to figure out this thing called life and how we can improve the world and ourselves.

We’re focusing on raw, honest, unedited conversations with real people.

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Hey! How’re you going? We’re Tom and Stu, and we both escaped bullshit corporate jobs by moving to Banff, Canada where we lived together in a house with 14 other people for a whole year! Although we escaped with our sanity intact, we did miss the brilliant chats we had at the dinner table each day. Luckily for you, and with the magic of the internet, we’re able to continue those conversations despite living on opposite sides of the world. We hope you enjoy listening! 

Couldn't have asked for two better voices to cure my hangover. It's my two favorite accents wrapped up in one. The Christmas present I always wanted."

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We love hearing from our listeners, so please reach out to us at any time. A large part of our mission is to create meaningful conversations and connections between people. You’re already on your way towards helping us meet this goal by listening to our podcast, so if you have any thoughts, opinions, questions or answers, whether you agree with us or if you believe something different, we want to know!