2 Fascinating Backstories

Are we allowed to call our own backstories fascinating? Maybe? Maybe not? Does it sound impressive? Absolutely! So here we are, there you are. Read on and judge for yourself. 


Tom Westhead

Just a regular guy from the North of England, Tom found himself living and working in the Canadian Rockies. Tom left the UK for Canada having previously worked in Sales and as a Legal Advisor for a large Law Firm where he felt like nothing more but a cog in a corporate machine offering little value to society. Tom tries to use photography as a means to communicate, inform and educate people about the things that he feels are important to work towards such as the protection of the environment, education and socio-economic issues such as injustice and poverty. He currently works as a Photographer and Videographer for an Archaeological Company with charitable status. His spare time is dedicated to reading (usually non-fiction, socio-economic and political material), documentaries, hiking and photography.

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Stu McKelvie

Hailing all the way from country Australia, Stu has found himself enjoying the mountain life of Canada so much so, that he's currently trying to stay permanently. After giving an office career as an accountant a go, he's realized just how much more there is to life than just budgets and excel spreadsheets. He's thrown himself into hiking, biking and snowboarding while rediscovering his love of photography and videography. Living amongst nature has reinforced its value and set him on a path to convince others of the need for its protection.

I see the podcast as an extension of the reasons I started my photography really. To connect, communicate ideas and have respectful debate about the issues that affect us all as human beings... but mainly to tell everyone how much I love my dog, cats and other animals! I look forward to the debates, learning and stories to come.”

Wait...but if you don't live near each other, how do you record a podcast?

Time in the UK

Time in Canada

Magic...Magic is the answer.

If there is anything you want to know about this weekly podcast talk show between us two regular guys, as we focus on raw, honest, unedited conversations with real people about this thing we call life, then please, feel free to get in touch! 

Our hope is to create a community around the idea of real conversation, where we can feel comfortable sharing our thoughts, opinions and feelings about any topic, without fear of being judged or disregarded. Social media in particular, has perpetuated the ‘echo chamber’ effect whereby we’re only exposed to people, ideas, thoughts and opinions that are similar to our own. 

We’re hoping to change that up. 

It might take us a while, but with your help, I’m sure we can create something beautiful together, something that makes us proud, and something that challenges us to be better. 

Start now by listening to our podcast and reach out to tell us your own fascinating backstories!

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