Episode 21 - The Benefits of Mentorship & Reflection with Austin

Episode #21 – The Benefits of Mentorship & Reflection with Austin

It’s our 21st episode and we’re joined by the incredible Austin Sawyer! He’s been a mate of Stu’s for the past couple of years, and never fails to impress with the work he does and the quality of his character. We talk on this episode about the benefits of mentorship & reflection, and enjoy plenty of laughs along the way. Enjoy!


Key Message: the right mentor can literally change your life; there is always something to learn from every experience


Here are some of the topics we cover in our conversation with Austin:

– Discovering a love of science

– The importance of teachers & mentors

– How to find a mentor

– The value of reflection

– Turning plans into action

– Why the education system doesn’t prepare you for life

– Risking it all for the start-up dream

– Finding inspiration

– Becoming a mentor

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