episode 1 who the heck are you

Episode #1 – Who The Heck Are You?

Hi! Welcome to the Tom, Stu and You podcast as we tell you who the heck we are. We’re excited to be having these conversations again, and this time, we get to share them with you. 

On today’s episode, we introduce ourselves and set the scene for what will hopefully be, an entertaining and enjoyable experience for all. 

– Thoughts on the podcast being unedited

   – It’s raw, honest, and unedited

   – Trying to stay true to ourselves in an ‘Instagram’ culture

– Living in Banff, Canada 

   – We lived with 15 other people for months! 

– 2020 goals

   – Tom: Being the ripple

   – Stu: Being a storyteller

– What we hope to learn from this podcast

   – Learn something new

   – Discover who we are, and explore what is important to us

– Why should anyone listen to us

   – No real reason, but it might be fun!

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