Episode #17 - A Queen's Choice - Art vs Skiing with Bryony

Episode #17 – A Queen’s Choice – Art vs Skiing with Bryony

Welcome to Episode #17 where the Queen herself, Bryony Toon joins us to discuss choosing between her love of art vs skiing, while living in the beautiful Banff National Park, Canada. 

Key Message: just do it, practice makes perfect, a different perspective=fresh eyes

Despite a couple of nerves at the start, it was awesome to hear the passion Bryony has for her two main loves, Skiing and Art. We talk about:

– her love of skiing

– choosing lifestyle over money

– where her love of art comes from

– wood burning extraordinaire

– how to stay motivated

– where her inspiration comes from

– developing your art

– finding a fresh perspective during the creative process

– where art lies in the education system

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