You are currently viewing Episode #2 – Unbelievable British Election 2019?

Episode #2 – Unbelievable British Election 2019?

Today we’re talking about the recent British Election in December 2019.

– 3rd election since 2015

– Boris Johnson (Conservatives – won 365 seats) vs Jeremy Corbyn (Labor – won 203 seats)

– The ‘Other Parties’

  • Lib Dems (Liberal Democrats)
  • SNP (Scottish National Party)
  • DUP (Democratic Unionist Party – Ireland)
  • Brexit Party

– Brexit

  • Brexit bill will pass January 31
  • Trade deals still need to be struck with European Union and other countries around the world
  • Conservatives are promising to leave the EU properly by the end of 2020 (which is unlikely, probably will be in 2021)

– Brexit was the largest and most pressing issue in this election

  • Corbyn had no clear Brexit strategy, and was confusing in his response to this issue which didn’t sit well with voters
  • Boris was very clear: “Get Brexit Done” slogan

– Electoral Systems

  • Britain subscribes to the “first-past-the-post” scheme with parliament seats awarded to the candidate winning an individual race within their own constituency, and it’s the party with the most seats at the end of the day which wins the election
  • The alternative system is the proportional system which relies on total national vote, with more emphasis on coalitions between parties, rather than having just one majority government

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