You are currently viewing Episode #28 – #defundthepolice

Episode #28 – #defundthepolice

Welcome back to the Tom, Stu and You Podcast! It’s Episode #28 and we’re discussing the slogan #defundthepolice which is being protested in streets across the globe. As two white guys with incredible levels of privilege, it’s an idea we had never really considered before a few weeks ago. However, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) activists and researchers have been advocating for the idea of abolishing law enforcement for decades. So what do protestors mean when they say ‘Defund the Police,’ what would that even look like, what alternatives are they suggesting and why are people hesitant to consider it as an option? Listen in to learn more!


Key Message: Defunding the police can free up funding that we can reinvest in services that provide real safety and support throughout the community


Some of the topics we discuss in this episode today:

  • History of policing
  • What does #defundthepolice mean?
  • Why do we think about police the way we currently do?
  • Copaganda
  • Prison Industrial Complex
  • What would replace police if they were defunded?
  • Shouldn’t we implement more education and reforms instead?
  • #8toAbolition
  • 8 Can’t Wait
  • What about theft, violent crime etc.?
  • Restorative justice
  • Stick vs Carrot

We also want to stress that just listening to our podcast, or just receiving news and opinions from other white people, isn’t enough. We try to introduce ideas to you, our audience, that we feel are important, and we try to present them in a way that we understand so that hopefully you too can understand. We are part of the problem, we are part of the echo chamber though, so please, please, especially if it makes you uncomfortable, but please click on some of the links we’ve listed in our show notes and on our website, diversify the media you are consuming, consciously, frequently, and consistently analyze your awareness and reflect on your emotions and decisions. 


It isn’t a black person’s responsibility to educate white people constantly on these issues, but BIPOC voices should be centred and focused on, in the discussion. Their stories about policing and their understanding of the systemic discrimination rampant throughout our society should be believed before white people’s, and that when we talk about defunding it should be because of black stories, not because of white will. 


Further Resources:

I just want to say, before we go, if you’re like I was, not really sure where to start, unsure about what it means to be a white ally, how should you think, behave & feel about the current situation unfolding before us, I highly recommend you start by going to “The White Ally Toolkit/Ally Conversation Toolkit helps anti-racism allies do their part in the fight against racism by empowering and equipping them with best-practice communications skills based on listening, storytelling, and compassion.” White Ally Toolkit 


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