episode #6 - bad education with Wahbi

Episode #6 – Bad Education with Wahbi

Here we go! Episode #6 and we are talking about bad education with Wahbi. 

  • The current education system is bullshit

– Sixty-five percent of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that don’t yet exist, reveals the World Economic Forum.

– “Too often, degrees are still thought of as lifelong stamps of professional competency. They tend to create a false sense of security, perpetuating the illusion that work — and the knowledge it requires — is static. It’s not.”

– Despite popular opinion, teachers don’t always teach because they want to teach. It’s far more common that they’re only teaching because it’s been linked to their research and funding. 

– Holding a university degree is becoming much less important as companies start to realize the value of motivation, self-direction learning over a piece of paper

  • Is schooling just an expected component of society or does it actually bring value? 

– Why bad education even exists?

– Initially, schooling was created to prepare students for a lifetime of working as a factory worker

– Should be focusing on soft skills, not hard skills

– Did the Ancient Greeks have it right with their mentoring approach?

– University and schooling is all just a memorization game. It doesn’t promote actual learning, instead just encourages cramming knowledge before an exam

  • The Millennial Question

– We’ve been told we were special our whole lives, but then we enter the workplace and find out that’s not true

  • Wahbi’s Two Issues

– You don’t know what you want when you’re 17

– Should be better support throughout life

  • Your future dream job probably doesn’t even exist yet
  • Adult further education should be encouraged

Further Reading:

Future of work won’t be about degrees

The Millennial Question

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