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Episode 28 -#defundthepolice

Episode #28 – #defundthepolice

Welcome back to the Tom, Stu and You Podcast! It’s Episode #28 and we’re discussing the slogan #defundthepolice which is being protested in streets across

Episode 9 - Big Ol' Vegans

Episode #9 – Big Ol’ Vegans

It’s Episode #9 and we are talking about being big ol’ vegans. It’s a somewhat controversial topic that we’re both pretty passionate about (standard Tom

episode #6 - bad education with Wahbi

Episode #6 – Bad Education with Wahbi

Here we go! Episode #6 and we are talking about bad education with Wahbi.  The current education system is bullshit – Sixty-five percent of children

episode #4 - bullshit jobs

Episode #4 – Bullshit Jobs

Episode #4 and we are talking about bullshit jobs.  – Tom left a job as a lawyer – Stu left a job as an auditor